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Hadley Heath Manning Biography

Director of Policy at Independent Women's Forum
Pro to the question "Should birth control pills be available over the counter?"

“Making birth-control pills available over the counter would greatly increase convenience and access for many women, ultimately leading to fewer unintended pregnancies. There is no reason women should have to obtain a prescription for this common, safe and effective drug that has been around since the 1960s…

Because birth control is a prescription drug, and because the Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to provide no-copay coverage for birth control, American women typically don’t buy the inexpensive pills directly from a pharmacy — as women do in most other countries. American women typically use a third-party payer, like an insurance company, to pay for their contraception. And often, employers provide health insurance…

This pipeline of payment — among women, their employers, their insurers and ultimately their pharmacies — is inefficient and costly. Women may see no-copay birth control as a benefit, but it’s one they pay for: Since the Affordable Care Act passed, average health insurance premiums have increased by 105 percent, more than doubling. Women still pay for birth control; now we simply do it through higher insurance premiums…

And ironically, the morning-after pill or ‘Plan B’ — which includes a much higher dose of the same hormones as regular birth-control pills — is available without a prescription. It makes no sense from public health standpoint that ‘Plan A’ is harder to get.”

“Yes, Birth Control Pills Should Be Available Over the Counter,”, July 13, 2017

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  • Director of Policy, Independent Women’s Forum, May 2017-present
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  • Tony Blankley Chair, Public Policy and American Exceptionalism, Steamboat Institute, Aug. 2016-present
  • Honoree, Forbes “30 under 30 in Law and Policy,” 2016
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