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American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Biography

Pro to the question "Should birth control pills be available over the counter?"

“The American Academy of Family Physicians recognizes that unintended pregnancies are a major public health concern, accounting for approximately 50% of US pregnancies. Access and cost are commonly cited reasons why women have gaps in contraceptive use or do not use contraception. While oral contraceptive pills are widely considered to be safe and effective medications, they continue to require a prescription for use, further restricting access. The AAFP recognizes that though contraindications to these medications do exist, women have been shown to correctly self-identify contraindications to use when using a standardized check-list. Over 100 countries round the world currently provide oral contraceptive pills over the counter without a prescription. The AAFP supports over-the-counter access to oral contraception without a prescription.”

“Over-the-Counter Oral Contraceptives,”, 2014


“We are family physicians: the foundation of health care in America. We provide continuing and comprehensive medical care to patients regardless of gender, age, or issue. We are passionate, highly skilled professionals dedicated to serving our patients, their families, and the communities in which we live.

Standing together– 131,400 strong– we are the American Academy of Family Physicians. We are a membership organization in the purest sense: an association of family physicians led by family physicians. With our colleagues throughout the country, we work to solidify family medicine as the cornerstone of a functioning health care system. We lobby government, negotiate with payers, partner with employers, educate patients, and champion family medicine on the national stage.

Together, we ensure that every family physician is represented, respected, and rewarded.”

“About the American Academy of Family Physicians,” (accessed Oct. 9, 2018)


“The Mission of the AAFP is to improve the health of patients, families, and communities by serving the needs of members with professionalism and creativity.”

“Strategic Plan 2018,” (accessed Oct. 9, 2018)

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